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Best Practices for Reducing JavaScript and Improving Website

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Azad Education Feb 28, 2023 · 2 min read
Best Practices for Reducing JavaScript and Improving Website

The below tips will assist you reduce JavaScript and improve page performance:


Limit the use of third-party scripts: Third-party scripts can negatively affect the website's loading time, so try to limit their use to the ones that are completely essential and also get rid of the remainder.


Use a content delivery network (CDN): A CDN can help reduce the load on your website by distributing your JavaScript files across several servers around the globe, thereby speed up the flow of work.


Minifying your Javascript can help in file reduction in size by removing unnecessary characters like white spaces, comments, and new lines. The JavaScript code you write can be minified using a variety of online tools.


Use asynchronous loading: Asynchronous loading allows the browser to load other parts of the page while the JavaScript file is being downloaded. This can help improve the overall page load time.


JavaScript which is loaded in a lazy manner speeds up the initial page load by only loading JavaScript when it is required. You may either create it yourself or utilise libraries like LazyLoad.js.


Code optimization: To keep your JavaScript code more efficient, eliminate duplicate code, replace repetitive code with loops, and use effective algorithms.


Employ server-side rendering: By rendering the page on the server before delivering it to the client, server-side rendering can assist reduce the amount of JavaScript that needs to be downloaded and executed.


These recommendations can help you dramatically minimize the amount of JavaScript on your website, which will enhance user experience and performance.


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